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The Business of Cycling Discipline

In July, high temperatures bring an intensity to the air as wheat fields turn golden, announcing it is high time for harvest.  I clip into my carbon road bike and head towards the Maroon Bells.  My preferred approach to the base of the climb is a circuitous route that rises gently up the valley floor.  The smell of freshly bailed hay and straw marks the height of summer, and it reminds me that my favorite of the three Grand Tours is about to commence.  The smell – and the anticipation of Stage One of the Tour – triggers in me a rush of excitement, even a burst of adrenaline.  My hands slip to my drop bars and I envision I’m in the men-filled peloton.

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Blind spot

Unearthing your Blind Spots

 I have keen appreciation for the saying ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ and it informs my willingness to be vulnerable, modify my approach, or solicit feedback from others.

I grew up on a farm, and my family had a vegetable garden. I sometimes helped my parents till, plant, tend and harvest a large variety of vegetables. Thirty years later, my husband and I put in a vegetable garden. I took the gardening knowledge I had, read gardening articles and books, and then I started digging.

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