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Human capital is generally the  single greatest investment every company makes. The team at PuzzleHR helps companies by providing a range of services that help business leaders run and grow their companies. They handle everything from the tactical basics like employee communications, payroll and sticky situation resolution to compliance with the entire landscape of federal, state and local legislation (including the FFCRA and the CARES Act) and beyond. You can choose to engage them to be your entire HR back office or to just have them handle a small piece of the HR puzzle for you. Either way, and now more than ever, PuzzleHR can help you maximize your investment in your employees and help your business grow.


NODE-D is a creative and strategic consulting firm. We are opportunity seekers. We are differentiation builders. We turn methodology into practice by holistically bringing together research, creativity, strategy, and execution to target ambitious outcomes and ideal clientele.

NODE-D enacts our client’s vision with tailored strategies that provide organizations with unparalleled insights and positioning to stand out within their markets. Our structure applies a course of action to improve overall performance and the power to scale.We confidently lead our clients from concept to execution through our NODE-D team or by managing our clients’ in-house group.


Our value is realized as we help our clients and partners save time, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve results. We achieve this by accelerating success. We help our clients make the right decisions around training, virtual training, and coaching when it comes to the development of their people, sales teams, management and leadership teams.