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shannon peirce

Account Manager/Associate

Without a doubt, Shannon is a true Aspen local. After graduating from Colgate University with a degree in Biology, Shannon’s love for Aspen drew her home, and the perfect blend of her science background and curiosity for human data led...

"Integrating the Predictive Index into our school's culture has proven to be the single best decision I made as Head of the Colorado Rocky Mountain School.”

Jeff leahy, head of school

Colorado Rocky Mountain School



TO provide integrated solutions to take the guesswork out of your people decisions, empowering both individuals and teams to perform

at their utmost potential!

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cathy porter

Account Manager + CFO

Cathy Porter has spent most of her career helping businesses thrive, ranging from small business start up counseling to financial services to fit a company’s specific needs. In her 15 years in commercial lending...

We offer a complementary selection of workforce analytics to improve your business results by realizing the potential of both the individuals and teams in your organization.


Founder + CEO

Val Yaw leverages her 16 years of professional leadership and in-depth knowledge of business ownership, operations and workplace performance for your organization.  Val understands the practical application of...